Let's Build a Web-Based Book Recommender!

About this project:

One of the most popular uses of data science algorithms is in the recommender engine. Recommenders drive Amazon, Netflix, and any other e-tailer's ability to recommend a product based upon what you are looking at, or what you have purchased. Click the link below to check out my book recommender.  RECOMMENDER

Data Mart Example and Reports in SSRS

About this project:

The Global Terrorism Database (GTD) is an open-source database of abundant data about global terror attacks, since 1970. Information collected includes: group; weapon used; and target. The database is hosted and supported by the Univeristy of Maryland.

I wanted to work with an interesting database to show the outcome of building a data mart. This database is a fine choice. Thus, I ingested the data from GTD into a Microsoft SQL Server, then developed data marts to calculate the total number of attacks by: year; by U.S. State; by group; and finally, by attack type. The results follow in live reports built in SSRS.

Where's the Pictures?

Visualization is at the heart of analysis, so what would a data scientist's portfolio be without some visualizations?

Luckily for me, I have a few visualizations to share as part of a showcase of the outcomes of analysis.

Tip: Click on a picture for a better view :)